Working meeting

Stepping stone 2

2-hour working session


To come up with a list of action steps and a sketch or series of sketches to allow a contractor to implement the design solution.

  1. Gather all information needed which might include measuring and creating a floor plan or interior elevation for the design solution.
  2. Sketch through design solution options.
  3. List options and choices of materials
  4. Final drawings/sketches showing dimensions, labels, specifications as required for a contractor to complete the work intended for the design solution.

Your husband has just purchased a large screen TV. It does not fit. Is there a solution to make it fit in the existing area that we have?


You provide all the TV dimensions and requirements for the new system to Diane. The existing area is measured and together we determine where the new TV will fit. By removing some cabinets, or shelving the new TV could be hung on the wall, or a platform created for it. A location for other equipment is determined and if there are other areas nearby, like a fireplace that need updating, options will be included for new materials as well as advice as to clearance requirements from the TV to the fireplace or electrical requirements. At the completion of the meeting all sketches of information will be handed to you for you to complete the project as intended.

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