On-site consult

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90-minute on-site consult


To determine a plan of action.

  1. Review of existing spaces and current needs.
  2. Information shared about codes, restrictions, structural limits.
  3. Basic budget options explored.
  4. List the development of action steps.

Two families have joined together in a new marriage. They have moved into a new home and need a larger gathering space for TV and Dining. Can they add onto the rear of their house by filling in the existing covered patio for more dining space and then add on a family room and build a new covered patio?


Prior to the home visit zoning setback requirements were reviewed and it was found that they did not allow for an addition past the existing patio so no, they could not add on. With further review of the home, it was determined that the existing living room was not being used and could become the new TV room. A portion of the existing covered patio could be enclosed and the existing kitchen modified so that a large dining room could be created seating ten people comfortably.

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