Design analysis

Stepping stone 3

Preliminary design and space analysis


To determine and review if a bathroom or kitchen can be expanded within an existing space or new spaces created within the existing footprint of the home.

  1. First Meeting: Measure and photograph the existing house (existing drawings, if you have them can be borrowed and returned). Gather all the new space requirements and the intention for the project.
  2. Three different floor plan designs are created in sketch form (or more if it looks like there are other options).
  3. Second Meeting: Present the design options and determine the next action step or the schedule for the project.

Your home is in good shape, but things are starting to break. The oven needs repair, the sink faucet is leaking, and the bathroom you renovated over twenty years ago is looking very old and worn out. You are wondering if it is possible to have a tub in your bathroom by taking over some closet space. And you would love to have two ovens in your kitchen, but don’t really know if that is possible.


The first meeting is all about gathering up the information. After reviewing what all the needs and wants are, measuring the floor plan areas and taking photos happens so that the information can be put into the computer to generate floor plans. Using the existing floor plan, three sketch options or more are created exploring how the spaces can be rearranged with the new requirements. The second meeting is a presentation of the options. Once you see what your options are it is easier to be able to understand what the next steps are. You can then plan out how you will accomplish what you want to do.

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