Budget & design

Stepping stone 4

Preliminary design and budget analysis for additions


To review zoning requirements, space available for the addition, integration into the existing home and style, and construction costs.

  1. First Meeting: Measure and photograph the existing house (existing drawings, if you have them can be borrowed and returned). Gather all the new addition requirements, furniture requests, potential budget and the intention for the project.
  2. Three different floor plan designs are created to scale in sketch form.
  3. Second Meeting: Present the design options and the budget analysis. There will be three levels of design options presented that range from low to high in budget also. You may pick and choose from any of the design options.

You are in need of more space. The piano doesn’t fit in the living room and is currently in the master bedroom. The sewing hobby has taken over the dining room table and there is no room to eat. While cooking everyone has to walk by you to get to the living room disturbing the space as the oven blocks the passageway. Is there a way to have a kitchen where people can walk around? As well as an addition for a larger living room and a separate dining room?


After taking in all the considerations, which included a large mesquite tree that was to remain three design solutions were presented. One showed how by using the existing patio space the dining room could be extended and by rearranging the existing living room the piano could fit. The kitchen was modified. This was design option #1 and the least expensive. Design option #2 showed a major addition to the front of the house creating an even larger living space and front entry. Design option #3 was the most expensive and showed how by removing the existing porch and the existing living room it allowed even more flexibility for a more creative design solution. The kitchen was expanded, there was a good flow around all the spaces, the piano fit and best of all the dining room table fit with all the leaves in place. The clients had all the information they needed to make the best decision for their needs.

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