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While I started out in grade school drawing floor plans on graph paper, that is not what architecture is about. It is a process of determining goals, clarifying priorities and constraints, and analyzing solutions.

It is a process that is includes you, the client/home owner, me, the architect and a third part… the home. How does it want to be? Often times we don’t know until we go through the process of exploring all the possibilities and integrating how you want the home to work for you based on how you live your life.


Start the journey with an open mind, excitement for solutions, and a commitment towards teamwork. The best part is the ah ha moment, that moment when the design comes together and is uniquely yours.

The following are four different examples of services offered. Each service has a fixed fee that will be discussed during our first phone meeting. Every home is different, so if you do not find the perfect fit, just let me know as I can design a custom solution for your needs. Also note, these are not the only offers, but are stepping stones for getting started allowing you to explore your options prior to committing to a major renovation or addition.

Full service architectural design, construction documents and construction observation can be provided and the fees are based on a percentage of the construction cost and the development of the required team.

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