Is your home introverted or extroverted?

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Well it all depends if you yourself are extroverted or introverted.  An extrovert is someone who is energized around activity and other people.  They thrive on talking, sharing, social situations, and interacting with the outside world.

An introvert is not necessarily the direct opposite of an extrovert, but they do enjoy and are energized by being alone and are drained by being around a lot of other people for long periods of time.  Introverts enjoy exploring their feelings and their thoughts with others as well as alone through contemplation.

So it would only seem natural that an extroverted person would live in an extroverted type of house.  But what would that be?  I see it as a home where there are neighbors nearby, when the garage door is open or you are in the front yard you have opportunity to interact with neighbors passing by.  At the same time neighbors tend to come and go for visits and there can be many neighborhood parties and gatherings.  It is the house too where all the kids gather to play.  This is great if you are an extrovert.

If not, then it can be a challenge to have the quiet and privacy that you would need.  So a home for an introvert would be the one that might be up the hill, set away from other homes.  There might be a wall or gate in front of the entry that is locked and it might seem as if no one is ever home as the shades are drawn and most of the activities take place in the back of the house or out of view.

The key to this concept is to understand if your home is suiting your way of being.

If you are an introvert or an extrovert.  I have a friend who moved to a new state into a neighborhood that was filled with kids.  She has two kids also and loved the thought of all the interaction and socialization that would happen being in a new neighborhood.  Well, after a year of that it wasn’t working for her.  The neighbor’s kid’s bikes in the yard all the time, not being able to park in her garage, kids running through the house to get to the backyard, and the constant interruptions were disturbing how she wanted to live.  So they moved.  To a home with a long driveway farther away from the kid friendly neighborhoods and she is now very happy being in what she calls a quiet neighborhood.

This is something to consider when out house hunting or looking for a place to live.  It applies too for living in an apartment.  Is the complex quiet or do they have many activities going on all the time in the center of the complex?  Are you on the top floor or the bottom floor?  When I was living in an apartment after first moving to Tucson I was on the top floor as I thought it would be the quietest.  Well it was for a few months until it got hot and then the air conditioner units were on all the time!  And they made a lot of noise as they vibrated on the roof above.  Yes, I did not last long living in that apartment.

If you are an introvert living in an extroverted home consider finding the space in your home that is the quietest for you to have your time alone.  If you have a large bay window in the front of the house that looks out to the street and neighbors passing by, this is not the place to sit and read or journal.  A location in the home where you can see out to nature or even just be within a closed off space is more appropriate.

Likewise, if you are an extrovert living in an introverted home, then spend some time outside in the front yard, leave your garage door open, and get out and explore the neighborhood.  Invite neighbors over and show that you are open to them visiting and chatting any time.  Many people want to know that they are part of a community and if you don’t know your neighbor, well it is time to introduce yourself.

You home can support you and your natural ways.  If not, then it is time to make some changes!

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