12 Tips to eliminate clutter

Transform your house into a home that you love and that your friends and family will love to visit!
  1. First, get really clear on where you want to start. Does your living room have enough uncluttered seating for more than just you? Can you see the top of your dining room table? What does someone first see when they enter your home? Prioritize and focus your intention. Clutter clearing is hard work. Start small and work your way up and out to create space.
  2. Look at your front door or the entrance that you use often to enter your house. Is it free and clear and easy to navigate when you are bringing in groceries? Remove any obstacles. If you often have your hands full and need to put something down to get your keys out, then add a small table to the side of the door. There might be one you can remove from another room.
  3. Take photos of items from your past and create a beautiful album or scrap book. You don’t need to keep the old corsage from your first dance, the old varsity sweater, or your trophies from high school. It’s all probably under your bed or tucked away in a closet, bring it out, take a photograph and then clear it out. If it can be used, then donate, if it is beyond repair then throw it away.
  4. 80% of the papers that we file and keep we never look at again. So go ahead, throw away all the paper that you are keeping or filing, but check in with your accountant first. There are some papers that need to be kept forever.
  5. Do you have any dead plants in the house? Dead plants are real downers. It’s okay to throw them away. If you can, replace the dead plant with a new one or an artificial plant.
  6. It really is okay to get rid of something from someone you love if you don’t love it or use it. Once they give it to you, it is yours to do with what you wish. Donate it, someone else might find great pleasure in your old treasure.
  7. To take a break from all the heavy lifting you are doing in clutter clearing, sit down and open up your computer. You can start deleting all the un-necessary files that you have collected. It is empowering! And after your rest you are ready to tackle another drawer… maybe that infamous kitchen drawer that has everything and anything in it.
  8. How many brooms or mops do you have? Is your utility closet overflowing? We can only use one item at a time. Throw out the old ones and leave what you need.
  9. Just because you have a lot of plastic storage bins and all your stuff is accounted for does not mean it isn’t clutter. Can you park in your garage? Can you hang up your coats in the coat closet? Do you even recall what is in the bins? If something has been in a storage bin for over three years and you have not used it, it is time to get rid of it. Don’t even open it up…
  10. Do you know how much time you spend each day looking for something? If you have an extra bowl, put it to use. It could hold all of your remote controls, or your keys and glasses, or your bills. Put the things you use often in one place. Ta da… less time searching for something means more time to spend clearing more clutter!
  11. If you work at home (or not) did you know that having too much clutter around your work space can cause you even more stress? At the end of every day clear your desk, put your papers and projects away and only have out what you need for what you are doing at the time.
  12. The best tip of all… IKEA did a survey of customers in which 31% reported that they were more satisfied after clearing out their closets than they were after sex. Go for it! Open up that closet door!

Why Is It Important to clear clutter? A cluttered home is a cluttered life…

Clutter affects the flow of life-force energy throughout your home, and it can bring the entire home energy down. It’s easy to feel bogged down and tired in an environment that is filled with stuff. In addition, clutter is often connected to emotional issues from your past. Your energy goes down every time you walk by that piece of clutter that subconsciously reminds you of a failed marriage, a lost dream, a family member that judges you, or a wrong life choice. There are strands of energy connecting you to every object that you own. If there are negative associations connected to your clutter, these energy strands drain your life-force energy and cause it to congeal
and clog.

If you would like more information or help in clearing your clutter you can consider the 21-day Soul Coaching® Clutter-Clearing Quest program that I facilitate. It is designed to support you in getting every area of your life on track and to empower you in having a remarkable, sparkling home and life. If you are considering renovating or adding onto your home this Clutter-Clearing program is a must.

Every day there are exercises to do and there are specific sessions with me, your Soul Coach/Life Architect to help you discover what’s beneath the surface. On your journey you’ll be asking yourself (regarding specific objects in your living space):

  • Does it feed my soul?
  • Is it useful?
  • Does it improve my life?
  • Does it support my dreams?
  • Does it make like life easier?
  • Does it help open my heart?
  • Is my life better off without it?
  • What’s going on beneath all the stuff?

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