90-minute on-site consult

This meeting takes place at your home where I review what you are thinking of doing and give you information so that you can determine your plan of action.  It may include reviewing the structure of your home, the setback requirements or a general discussion about your budget and plans for renovating or adding on for more space.

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Two-hour working session

If you have existing drawings or some design concepts you want to review, this meeting is for you.  This is a hand’s on meeting complete with graph paper, tracing paper, a tape measure and my 30 years of experience.  Together we can explore all aspects of your home.  You will have design sketches, an action list, and referrals to complete the work.

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Preliminary design & space analysis

You have an idea of what you need for your home and you want to jump right into exploring how the addition or renovation will layout and if it is possible.  I can create three design concepts or more as necessary to explore all the options. This includes two meetings to review the options with the intent of finalizing a design.

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Preliminary design & budget analysis for additions

There are always many options when rearranging space or adding on.  Looking at design options drawn to scale with budgets attached can be very helpful in planning how your finances will come together as well as scheduling the phases of construction.  Depending on the complexity of the potential project other consultants will be brought in as necessary for a complete and clear analysis.

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Is your home introverted or extroverted?

Renovate to Create Reading room for a king

Well it all depends if you yourself are extroverted or introverted.  An extrovert is someone who is energized around activity and other people.  They thrive on talking, sharing, social situations, and interacting with the outside…

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